Colors of India started in Oct, 2007 with a small range of groceries on makeshift box tables. Today we have established this business into a business with a huge range of grocery products, vegetables, fresh snacks & sweets and ethnic Indian items with an objective to deliver these items to the Indians living in Australia as well for all the people who love Indian food and snacks.

Whether you want fresh vegetables, Fresh Snacks (Samosa, Kachori, Pani Pori / Gol Gappas, Namakpare, Shakkar Paare, Masala Cashew , Salted Mathis , Plain Mathis , etc. ) varieties of spices, sweets (Gulab Jamun, Ladoos, Jalebi, Rasgulla, Kaju Katli and etc. ), Colors of India is the shop for you. You can get all of these items under our undivided and sprawling roof. We procure the very best of a plethora of items from the well-known sources . The objective is to provide the customers with hassle-free shopping experience by stocking and serving multiple products in a singular store along with Indian Music to get a feel of INDIA.

Our shop is tidy, spacious and oozes a welcome ambience for customers’ brigade. We also have an attached beautiful ‘Snack Corner’ where customers get to dig into the instant edibles like samosa/kachori and enjoy our warm hospitality. Colors of India is a brand name trusted for its best products, better price and good service.